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The couple then broke up sometime in 2003, with rumors slowly sprouting out in the following years that the couple were back together again. I never thought I would like so much a korean actress, next to Kim Ha Neul or Kim Tae Hee. Go Gong Lovely Go I love you GHJ, you proved again in THE MASTER'S SUN how excellent and superb actress you are. Continue stunning, stay humble and simple because you are perfect. u seem to have a natural way of captivating ur audience.. when u and the chef giggle it seemed so natural and it was very catching that i giggle by myself... she have inner beauty and she is so very friendly.. i think so ji sub will be good husband for gong hyo jin.. and now in TMS..WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, you and So Ji Sub so awesome. Youhad excellent acting in have a very kindly face and eyes and I think that you are really kind you cry in "Thank you" I cry. maybe 2years from now..promise to go in south korea just to see you..i dont know what to say.. sarangheo unni :-* anyeong unni :) I'm Yarie from Philippines.

In 2008, the couple officially announced that they were once again romantically involved. I really loved her from Jealousy Incarnate and since then I stalked all her dramas. Kong Hyo-Jin_she left me dumbfounded with her natural behavior, voice, gratifying laugh. You cannot please everybody in this world, so just ignored the haters..... u bring out the best character from ur leading men ^^ cha seung won really looked great beside u, as well as so ji sub... and yes chef was also admirable ^^ if there is one korean actress i would like to meet, it would be u ^^ u are born to be an actress hahhahabaha and i just ate pasta by the way and kept remembering the chef shouting at u "dashi"!!! ^^ fighting and again make ur audience fall for u again ^^ idk what it is Gong Hyo Jin has but i tend to love her roles in the dramas that i've seen: first Pasta, then The Greatest Love, and now The Master's Sun. Oh oh oh most of the fans they are shouting and hoping that both of you will turn into real relationship. We will support and watched out for both of you..he he. the first show that I was able to watch you is The Greatest Love , and you really caught my attention, I admire you and I love you.

You are a naturally beautiful and a very talented actress.

Im your avid fan...unnie, please play a role as perfect women, no one look down on you,like you are goddess, role with complicated problem like moon chae won character in Nice Guy, or else,something serious,dramatic but still....romance include of course :) i do agree that gong hyo jin is same with average girl outside there but she still IS beautiful and her acting is really superb.. n i don't think some 'more' beautiful actress can act like her in this drama..i love her since biscuit teacher and star candy and pasta.. even i love yoon sang hyun and lee kwang soo more... I'd like to see those that feel she is ugly or unattractive win so many accolades, and be cast on as many movies as she has. Those opinions are why young Korean girls feel ugly and want plastic surgery, because they don't fit into the perfect ideal mold. I love both So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Ji and think that they both are excellent actors and have such great chemistry on The Master's Sun. She's gorgeous as well and has one of the craziest yet oddly cute ways to express her roles ! I don't want to be negative, but she is not a good actress, and her looks are less than average. ), 'Bisquit Teacher', and 'Pasta' (just to name a few) there are heart-pounding beauties playing alongside of her who slowly disappear from view once her character begins to work her delicate magic upon you.

Watching Jealousy Incarnate now but will always remember her performance in Thank You as her best work. Even though there's a higher probability that she may not be able to read my comment. Please have another project drama from both of u..can't wait to watch their acting again and again- request from fan of Malaysia (,") I really love you unnie! Gong Hyo Jin is one of the Best Actress that i adore. N I have to say that it is something totally different from what she normally plays. Wasn't a fan before, but after watching Its Ok, Its Love, She became one of my favourites. Started watching her other dramas, I love her in Master's Sun and The Greatest Love. She's a trendsetter, stringing the women globally to desire for her clothes as well as her body. :) I also love Master's Sun and It's Okay It's Love. and especially Kong and cha seung acting was extraordinary and awesome ... I then watched you in "The Greatest Love" and again, was enamoured with your talent and ability to portray roles in such a way that immediately draws one into the character.

Definitely a professional who will last a long time in her career. shes a good actress that why she has many projects... "Jealousy Incarnate" WHICH i remembered master's sun's comedic side of so ji sub and tae gong shil like lee hwa shin and pyo na ri.. JIS is quite perfect partner to u because ur chemistry with him so natural in acting and hope they will together in real life hehe.are the best drama couple ever. However, more than once I've admired the locations, the sets, the composition, the cast, the acting, and I've felt, "I love this show! Also, she's such a trendy and chic person, in personality and style. I started following your dramas after I watched The Greatest/Best Love. I'd been watching your dramas greatest love, pasta , masters sun were all great because of you. Someting is the in tat drama which made me feel happy and relax ..... Looking forward on your next upcoming movies or even series. I'm excited to see your future works and They'll all surely be successful. I then watched you in "The Masters Sun" (because I am an avid SJS fan) and found your chemistry with SJS outstanding and totally amazing, which made TMS an unforgettable and enchanting romcom that I have come to adore.

she is really cute girl actually and her acting is honest also... Not to mention that they are both really nice looking, lol. Loving her and the chemistry between the lead in Master's Sun!! It will hit you slowly, and you'll fall just like her co-stars do. It's amazing how you could turn yourself into another person when you act.

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She first became interested in fashion design while in her teens and flew to Australia with her mother and brother to pursue that goal. Missing & Single Rider is really high anticipated movie. Thank you for doing great work for your fans, we absolutely appreciate and respect you. I didn't like her at first but she kinda grows on you. Fell in love with her and So Ji Sub in Master's Sun! I love that she doesn't look like your typical Korean actress - eyes wide open from plastic surgery and unnaturally white from skin treatments (not that they look ugly, you can just tell it's not natural). Then I started watching Pasta, Thank You, Flower Boy Ramen Shop (because I found her name as cameo appearance) and the latest The Masters Sun. Now thinking of watching Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy. You are definitely one of my favorite actresses of all time. I am so glad that Kim Soo Hyun and her act 2gder in the drama bec their my fave. She is fabulous and I would continue to watch many more of her work. We'll always be with you and support you until forever ends ♥ Gong Hyo Jin has been my solid favorite Rom Com actress. Looking forward for your new project :) Guys, here are some link fan made video for Gong Hyo Jin's Birthday.. A bit of custom cannot stale her infinite variety about her. don't worry about the awards cuz for us, you are always the best! i want to see you and take to u but l don't know korean language .... Zo In-Sung from Its Okay, This is Love , So Ji Sub from Master's Sun and Cha Seung Won from Greatest Love. (And they also play similar-ish personalities, where in they are somewhat mean, arrogant and or have some issue or another due to their past....) Perhaps the only korean actress I thorougly like. I find that many korean actresses seem to wear the same expression and give off the same acts. I hope you'll find the one that's meant to you (although I think you already did and its SJS) because you deserve to be happy. v=DUQq C_bx5v8 May your birthday be filled, with sunshine and smile, laughter, love and cheer. Saranghaeyo :) Contrary to some of the opinions here, I find her to be far more unique and beautiful than most Korean actresses. I bet she will also have a great chemistry with him. I really want her to date again only this time with one of my favorite actors. you are my favourite actress alongside Jun Ji Hyun and Shin Min Ah. ^_^ my most fav actress.dramas are all hits and tbh she really makes all her partners shine.i love her most in greatest love,master sun and its okay.luv..i lovr her style and elegance when she wears clothes.effortless but she has flair to look good in any kind of fashion I've never seen her do a bad job in a film or drama. so please give her another drama please!!!!!!!!!!!!! really adore that perfection of the drama was all out. You are so great in acting your movies and tv shows.. This I'm planning to save for a very special day soon. She's cute, sassy, and loveable-- which is why is "Gong-vely"! i want the greatest love part 2 serial make me relax and love impress.i m waiting...... Love you so much in Its Okay, Thats Love the chemistry you have with Zo In Sung was soo amazing and very natural ! I said to myself really Indians won't like it...I watched the serial fully on the first day omg really I'm impressed and felt relax inside of me. You are absolutely one of kind actress that i was really hope to see in person, not because you are famous in your choosen field. the greatest love and master sun, these two dramas get HITS because they pick right / suitable actress for it :) cha seung won and so ji sub, both also have same aura and bring strong charisma to those dramas. You definitely need to win something at Baeksang Awards this year. I first watched you in "Thank You" and found a beautiful soul in a warm and fabulous film that was so real, natural and inspirational. i never miss to follow each of ur dramas/films.i really want to see ur acting with Jo In-Sung as in IOTL. She doesn't bother to go through surgery and very happy the way she looks. Annyeonghasaeyo Hyo Jin unnie, I am a very big fan of yours.. Her same old acdting style is too outdated and tiresome. I've laughed, I've cried, and I've only watched it up until just before the last episode. =} ^-^ Such a good actress, enjoyed all of her dramas I've watched her in. its very lovely, i thougth both of you become real pair, you are the best couple in korean .i love both of you very much. Have a full rest for your arm and legs to fully recover ! your such a great and excellent actress, thats why i really like you so much. the greatest love and the master sun that i really love most bless you always. the day 1 wen I saw the drama I just thought tat y Korean series been dubbing and telecasting here .. I m one of your fans who really admire your in and out. cha seung won and so ji sub, both also have same aura and bring strong charisma to those dramas. More than 3 months after The Master's Sun, I've watched almost all of your works and I must say that I'm in for more! You really deserved your nickname "Gong Vely" and your title as "The Invincible Queen of Romantic Comedies." Too bad SBS didn't acknowledge all of your great efforts at TMS.

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