Lee seung gi and han hyo joo dating

It seems like I will have to be grateful even on normal days.

Hmm.if I answer the questions honestly, I believe that everyone will continue to watch over me. I was a high school student who dreamt of entering the arts faculty, I have a great natural interest in movies and enjoyed dramas, and my hobbies finally concretized into something more practical (acting) when I in the third year of high school and worrying over which course or direction to take in future.

All I learnt I count as important teachings and am, to the fullest extent possible, happy because of the advice given to me.

After filming ‘Mackerel Run’, I filmed the movie ‘Our School E.

So I will proceed to tackle the questions in this manner. Although I did eventually enter an arts course, an unexpected chance to become an actress came, so I stopped attending school and debuted in 2007 through the drama ‘Mackerel Run’.

Even though at that time, although I did not receive any formal education as an actress, I have, at present, learnt so much through my seniors.

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