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The Ugliest girl I have ever seen on British Television appeared in Legs Wide Open two weeks ago. At last they have replaced the new (Private Spice) logo with the same but smaller and transparent... I miss the fact they no longer announce if a program is a "premier" or not and they no longer state episode numbers on their freeview listing.

BM Nights HD is noted as erotic rather than porn Having had the Private Spice card for a couple of months, I have to say that the boat is still out.

However the episode numbers are still available on the web site schedule...

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The industry maintains an almost Hollywood style publicity machine with star appearances, an industry magazine, Hot, and the publication of top selling DVD charts.Possibly the hype contributes to anticipation of new titles and generates a little more interest in following the latest starlets.This enthusiasm tends to just add a little something and elevates French movies to being amongst the best in Europe.The company woodpecker logo has been the mark of good quality porn for as long as I can remember.It may be worth mentioning that although everything about Dorcel TV is essentially French, the small print reveals that the channel is actually licensed in the Netherlands.

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