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A day after the second Women’s March, a 30-something named Dan* matched with me.

“Would you describe yourself as an intersectional feminist? “And if yes can you explain intersectionalism [sic]” I responded quickly, with a brief rundown of the term, and then a follow-up: “If you’re interested in intersectional feminism,” I wrote, “Google is a great place to start.” If he wanted to go on a date, he'd need to do some research first.

Snow White - Mother Prince Charming - Father Captain Hook - Husband Henry Mills - Son Unborn Child Lucy - Granddaughter Prince Neal - Brother Queen Eva - Grandmother King Leopold - Grandfather Ruth - Grandmother Robert - Grandfather Queen Regina - Step-Grandmother Prince James - Uncle Brennan Jones - Father-in-Law Liam Jones - Brother-in-Law Liam Jones II - Half-Brother-in-Law Emma Swan is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time, as well as the series' main protagonist.

At the wedding of Snow White and Prince Charming, a scorned Evil Queen threatened the entire realm with a powerful curse that would rip them from this land and send them to one without magic; however, soon after Snow became pregnant, it was prophesied by Rumplestiltskin that her unborn daughter would be the savior that broke the curse and brought back all the happy endings.

After a stint in prison, she cleaned up her act and made success as a bail bonds collector, but still she felt as though something was missing from her life...Living through the election, the Women’s March and now the #Me Too movement has sent all of these thoughts that had been simmering in the back of my mind into a full boil.Since the first Harvey Weinstein allegations broke in late October, much of my work life has been consumed with writing about and reflecting on other women’s trauma, as well as my own.“We’re finding that politics are becoming a bigger deal-breaker today,” OKCupid’s chief marketing officer Melissa Hobley told Philly.com, “maybe the most they’ve been in many years, and certainly since the inception of dating apps.” So as 2017, went on, I gave up worrying about making other people comfortable, and instead aimed to be authentic.If my job came up, I talked about how draining it is to report on sexual assault.

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